Cotton + Steel – REMNANTS DESTASH 1 metre lengths

Original price was: £16.00.Current price is: £14.00.

1 metre lengths of old Cotton + Steel stock, only one of each available! Some fabrics we might have more of so please message us to enquire.

These are sold as a whole piece (1 metre).

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Black and white pencils – Spring 2015, Colourful pens – Trinket Spring 2016, Pink mice – Let the sunshine in, Black and white owls – Black and white Spring 2016, Telephones – Trinket Spring 2016, Grey geometric – C&S Basics Spring 2014, Pink spots – Black and white, Makeup – Jubilee!, Roller skates – Black and white 2017, Gold metallic – Black and white 2017, Grey mice – Let the sunshine in, Pink dresses